Recently I partnered with Kona Red, a Hawaiin Coffee company and the pioneer of the USA Grown, Hawaiian Coffee Fruit. The company utilizes the highest quality Coffee and Coffee Fruit from Kona, Hawaii. And lucky for me, they are based out of my hometown, San Clemente, California! I was thrilled when I discovered they were right around the corner, because I'm passionate about finding new local brands, shops, and products so this partnership was a perfect fit!

Kona Red has three award winning Cold Brew Coffee varieties: Original, Espresso, and Vanilla. Each variety posseses it's own unique flavor, and it's the perfect refreshment during the summer when I need a caffiene boost on the go! My personal favorite is the Vanilla Cold Brew--it has the vanilla flavor we all know and love, as well as a subtle sweetness, so that I don't need to add any cream! And, I am a girl who likes cream in her coffee.

They also have Antioxidant Juices and 100% Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Powders. The Hawaiian Superfruit Antioxidant Juice is delicious! It contains the coffee fruit (say what?!). I just learned that the coffee fruit is the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. Each bottle of juice has the Hawaiin Coffeeberry, natural caffeine, as well as nutrients. This beverage was a completely new experience for me, and I can honestly say I enjoy it! It has such a unique burst of juice flavor that it makes my morning truly refreshing. All I have to say, is thank you Kona!


Summertime means different things for different people. When I think of summer, (as someone who grew up on the California coast) I think of the beach! There's nothing quite like taking a dip in the ocean, reading a good novel on the sand, and sipping on something refreshing. I love cocktails and mocktails--anything sweet and cold to beat this heat! And with the 1950s favorite--the moscow mule--taking a major comback in our culture, I thought why not add a twist to it! I saw a few recipes I was inspired by and combined ingredients I liked to make this yummy strawberry basil mule! Fresh herbs, fruit, and the sizzle sizzle of the ginger beer and you'll be ready to mule around! 


*5 fresh strawberries

*5 fresh basil leaves

*1 1/2 ounces vodka (or leave out and add more ginger beer if you prefer a mocktail)

*1/2 lime juice

*ginger beer (I get the one pictured from Trader Joes)

*crushed ice

*agave (optional)


Firstly, muddle together the strawberries, basil, lime juice, and a splash of ginger beer. Add the vodka and stir well! Next, add the ginger beer, crushed ice, and a little agave if you want to make it sweeter. Finally, garnish with strawberries, basil, and lime. Sip sip sip!


This modern rehearsal dinner was one of my favorite styled shoots to be apart of! A fabulous team of talented vendors, such as Event Science, Paper Plum, Borrowed Blu, and Confetti and Bloom, came together to bring this vision to life. Complete with a geometric installation, a breathtaking King Protea bouquet, marble name cards, and lots of copper and plum accents, we think everything came out as dreamy as ever! To read about more of the pretty details take a look at the full feature on Wedding Chicks! xo

What's dinner without dessert? The dessert table maintained the same modern theme, with more simplicity. Utilizing  just copper geo shapes as the backdrop, the space offers a more relaxed aesthetic for guests to enjoy a pastry or donut after the elaborate meal! Not to mention a champaigne toast, complete with crystal candy sticks! Talk about yum.


These littles and their laughs exude such purity and joy, I'm left in awe every time I'm with them! The Chin kids are very close to my heart. The pretty girl, Elli, was one of the darling flower girls at my wedding a few months ago. It's no question, sweet Elli definitely stole the show during this children's session, but I don't mind one bit! From her twirling dress, to her contageous laughter, this little girl always gives me heart eyes, and everyone else for that matter! But, I can't forget her younger brother Asher who is a true charmer and a very imaginative little guy (what is not pictured is his little "draggy" stuft animal he adores and brings everywhere)! Needless to say, it was so fun for me to photograph these littles, and the Harbor offered a vibrant and clean backdrop which I think gives this session a very classic feel. I hope these smiles brighten your day and serve as a reminder to take delight in the little things, like blue and white boats, grey skies, and salty ocean air! xo

In Home Mamma & Babies Session

What's better than being in the comfort of your own home? Recently I photographed my gorgeous sister in law, Cara and her boys around their house! I may be a little biased being their aunt and all, but these two littles are just the cutest! I love capturing families and babies in their own home, because I've found that the environment enables them to be the most comfortable, and thus the most themselves. This shoot was a majority of candid, in the moment captures. From sweet baby smiles, playing trains with mama, or rolling over on the couch belly laughter, this session was such a breathtaking view into the beauties of motherhood! Hope these smiles make you smile too!